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We are a security camera specialist and provide a full range of CCTV systems both analogue and IP base. We offer full design and installation of our products ranging from cost effective solutions all the way to the most advance technology on the market today. We can customise a security camera system to suit your requirements and budget.

10 reasons why you should switch from Analogue to IP

Video surveillance is everywhere today, from private home installations to large enterprise deployments. When visiting clients the one question we ultimately receive is "Analogue or IP" setting budget aside our team has outlined 10 reasons why you should switch from Analogue to IP.

1. analogue end of life

Low definition analogue camera systems and DVR’s are beginning to reach their end of life. This is largely because of competitively priced, HD definition IP cameras and NVRs that use advanced hard drives designed for professional use with a backup design commonly known as RAID (redundant array of independent disks).

2. ease of installation

A common misconception is that network attached storage based installations are much more complex than DVR-based. While that may have been true in the past, manufacturers have recently promoted features like universal plug-and-play camera recognition to make NVR installations as simple as possible. In addition, as manufactures design new IP cameras, ease of installation is a primary feature.

3. existing infrastructure use during transition

Because a lot of companies already have an analogue system in place and want to maximise their existing investments, manufactures have created solutions, like encoders, to support hybrid environments. As analogue / DVR components start to fail or reach end of life, users can switch out components one at a time to begin the upgrade to an IP camera and NVR installation. this hybrid environment technique maximizes companies ‘initial investments and provides them the flexibility of funding their video surveillance upgrade over time.

4. cost effictiveness

Another misconception is that IP camera and NVR deployments are prohibitively expensive. A DVR may be cheaper initially than an NVR, but the NVR is no “one-trick pony” – it not only can manage the video surveillance requirements of a company, it also can operate as the foundation for the overall storage and data management needs of a work group, remote location, or stand-alone business. As prices of IP cameras continue to drop, HD cameras bring significantly improved capabilities.

5. scalability

As you start adding cameras to an existing video surveillance system, the migration to IP cameras is the most logical choice. Network-IP cameras can be added to an installation using existing analogue cameras, thereby allowing a company to migrate over time to today’s HD standard rather than staying with yesterdays outdated solutions.

6. reliability / durability

NAS based, IP -video surveillance systems have proven to be faster, more reliable, and every bit as durable as older systems utilizing DVRs and analogue cameras. When you consider all of the inherent advantages of NVR’s with RAID data management and professional hard drives, the move to NVR’s combined with IP cameras makes even more sense.

7. manageability

The ability to access and view video files from any location in the world via mobile apps and remote clouds is an obvious benefit of an IP-based video surveillance storage solution.

8. image quality

More and more affordable high definition IP security cameras are available in the market. These cameras provide better resolution expanded surveillance environments, and highly detailed images. And after all, doesnt everything look better in HD – including your video surveillance security files?

9. regulatory compliance

Due to security concerns and a higher compliance environment on a global level, tighter regulations have been imposed on a variety of industries. Depending on an industry’s regulatory standards, a company may face considerable surveillance video retention demands. That can be costly and danger-prone with yesterdays onsite analogue approach to video surveillance.

10. expanding capabilities / features

Video surveillance features are continuing to expand, enabled by private cloud, remote video apps , and analytics to enhance solutions. IP cameras can offer a range of functions from basic to advance analytics in almost any way imaginable. In addition, low cost storage options like hosted video make network video a much more affordable option than location-based analogue solutions.

Looking at upgrading your old analogue CCTV System? Here is a alternative to IP utilising your existing cabling while still achieving HD 3MP

If your wanting a upgrade for your existing Analogue Security system but don’t want or simply cant re-cable your premises the HD-TVI might be the way to go. Our HD-TVI range comes from the industries trusted Camera manufacturer Hikvision. Contact us today for a live demonstration in a real life environment of how good this HD image is over Coaxial cable.

diy video surveillance

Skywall IP the true DIY solution. From kits to cameras to all-in-one units, the new generation of do-it-yourself security is smarter, simpler, and more affordable than anything you've seen before.

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New security system for our new office

We just moved to a brand new office in Melbourne and needed to control the access to and from the premises. Scope constructed a solution to suit our needs perfectly. Their Access Control System allows us to control not only who has access to our premises, but what times and days access is allowed. They tailored a solution to suit both our office and our budget; providing advice and access control solutions that range from our parking structure to secure keypad access for remote stand - alone, security doors. Read on


  • “Valeo Construction have built a strong relationship with Scope Protective and Data Solutions over the years. They have been responsible for all our security needs across all facets our business; from our multiple construction sites to our Head Office. They have routinely provided clear advice about all our security options, and have acted promptly whenever needed. Their responsive, and always helpful customer service is a testament to Tim and his staff’s hard work and loyalty to his customers. We would highly recommended SPDS for all protective services needs to any size business.”

    Tom Commercial Manager, Valeo Construction

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