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The company: Valeo Construction Pty Ltd is a professionally managed commercial and industrial building contractor / developer. Valeo maintains sustainable growth with an enviable depth and diversity of projects, satisfied clients and steady expansion. The contract value size of Valeo ranges from $10,000,000 to $60,000,000

The requirement: Valeo management evaluated the cost of stolen materials, tradies tools and damage to property and found that even though this was measurable the real cost was the lost time the security breach caused the projects. Out dated camera systems and average alarm systems where not deterring or keeping this element away. Footage from CCTV was of poor quality and rendered useless as offenders could not be identified. Alarm systems where poorly monitored and response times from authorities / key holders were arriving after the event. They required a security solution which would give them results and be rolled out across all current and future projects. The system needed to be robust and operate most times outdoors in some challenging environments as well as be reusable time and time again across new projects

The solution: Scope Protective & Data Solutions (SPDS) Security Risk manager worked closely with site supervisors and investigated all prior security breaches. SPDS targeted the site that had the most number of breaches. SPDS replaced the existing analogue CCTV system with a full HD 1080P IP system and rolled out a combination of 1.3mp and 3mp cameras. Allowing the client to identify offenders, description of vehicles etc and supply them to the authorities. In addition SPDS supplied a video verification security alarm system which enabled the control room to receive a 10sec video clip to ascertain whether a confirmed intruder was on site or whether it was a cat or possum etc. With the confirmation of a verified intruder the control room was able to notify police and co-ordinate a improved response from 1.5hr to 10min on site from the time they were notified. The combination of the above lead to several successful arrests within the first week. Valeo has now incorporated the above solution across all current projects reducing the number of incidents by 70%.


The Company ARZ Food Serivices is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Melbourne area for over 40 years. A well established wholesaler of food to grocery, restaurant and catering suppliers. They provide distribution and refrigerated transport for an extensive range of small goods, dairy, dry, frozen, packaging and chemical products.

The requirement: Like many businesses who’s major asset at any one time is their stock on hand, the control of shrinkage in their business is a top priority in order to manage the impact on their bottom line. Management at ARZ identified that the picking process needed to be better managed and monitored. A quality CCTV system could render assistance in this area and Scope Protective & Data Solutions was called in. The system would have to be able to identify both large and small items been picked. Example a 10kg sack of flour can easily be identified with many basic camera systems. However ARZ stock list included items as small as 185g packets of tuna.

The solution: Scope Protective & Data Solutions (SPDS) took the time visit the warehouse and observe the picking process over several days at different times in order to better understand the picking process and identify and challenges. Challenges identified were; • Height of the stock racking system • Requirement for cameras in freezer and refrigerators • Various sizes of trucks in the loading bay as well as parking arrangements SPDS installed a 32 channel NVR with 22 IP cameras, with a combination of fixed and variable lens cameras. All cameras were a minimum of 3mp resolution given the allowed ARZ to zoom in and identify something as small as a 185g packet of tuna.
The system allowed management to review the picking process at every stage. • from the time that the packing slip was picked up from the printer • in and out of any of the refrigerators and freezers • up and down any of the dry storage isle • back to the processing desk • and finally the goods been loaded onto the delivery drivers van The CCTV was installed on the existing network and access given to any PC within the network. Remote viewing was also setup on apple and android device. Within weeks the benefits of the system were seen by all ARZ management.


The Company Oliana Foods is an Australian-owned company that sources and selects the finest ingredients from around the world. Supplying large supermarkets, restaurants / cafes, small to medium sized grocery proprietors and catering organisations.

The requirement: A new purpose built facility was constructed housed all warehouse and distribution functions as well as all sales / finance / administrative departments. Management required both a functional CCTV system and Access Control System. Given the various departments and areas within the facility, the access control system needed to manage what areas a employee could access and what times of the day and week depending on their role. The system needed to be something that could be managed easily by a trained Oliana staff member who would have the ability to program and issue access cards internally, create multiple access profiles and manage and investigate breaches accordantly. The CCTV system needed be designed in a way that allowed Oliana Management to monitor and review any OHS risk / incidents by its employees and contractors in addition to the normal security function. Oliana required the external cameras overlooking the entry and exit gates to have the ability to identify number plates both during the day and low light conditions. Oliana supplied Scope with a budget and tight timeframe which it needed to satisfy.

The solution: Scope Protective & Data Solutions (SPDS) installed a Tecom Challenger Security alarm and Access control system which controlled and monitored 13 entry and exit doors. Having workers and contractors regularly visiting the facility outside of business hours, Scope was able to design the system to alert the control room if any of the main entry and exit doors had not been secured properly. i.e a door was chocked open or failed to close properly. Oliana had received CCTV proposals exceeding 20 cameras. SPDS supplied and installed a 16 channel NVR and 16 IP Cameras leaving Oliana with a CCTV system that covered a greater floor space with images far exceeding their expectation. So while management is travelling across the globe visiting suppliers overseas that can be sure that there facility is secured and if in doubt are able to access their security system from anywhere in the world.


The company Valeo Constuction Pty Ltd is a professionally managed commercial and industrial building contractor / developer. Valeo maintains sustainable growth with an enviable depth and diversity of projects, satisfied clients and steady expansion. The contract value size of Valeo ranges from $10,000,000 to $60,000,000

The requirement: Valeo evaluated that they had done everything within their power to secure and keep secured their construction site throughout the construction period however the risk increased significantly as soon as appliances and fittings started to be installed. Valeo required a solution which would not involved fixed equipment to any parts of the premises.
Valeo identified based on previous incident history that the cost of those incidents by far exceeded the cost of a guarding service 7 days a week.

The solution: Scope Protective & Data Solutions (SPDS) did their own evaluation and risk assessment on past incidents and confirmed that a considerable amount of those incidents occurred during the hours of 1900-0600hrs. Scope supplied a visual deterrent in this case a security officer to maintain a security presents on the premises between the high risk hours as identified in order to reduce or mitigate the level of risk. SPDS was able to reduce the number of incidents to zero. SPDS developed a special pricing module based on Valeo committing to write the above into policy and rolling out the service across all projects. This enable SPDS to apply a economy of scale discount which resulted in significant savings for Valeo.


The organisation Moreland City Council is a local government area in metropolitan Melbourne Victoria. Covers 50.9 square Kilometres and is one of Melbourne most populous municipalities.

The requirement: Council required a security solution to eliminate damage to a newly renovated toilet and change room block typically found at sporting grounds. Council had spent tens of thousands of dollars upgrading the facility when members of the public vandalised the facility several times during the renovation.

The solution: Scope Protective & Data Solutions (SPDS) required a system that did not require mains power as power did not exist on site. Further consideration had to be taken on ensuring that the equipment could not be tampered with or damaged in any way. The site had much building materials and waste which made perfect objects for offenders to hurl at the devices. SPDS supplied and installed Video Verification alarm system which was completely wireless and did not require mains power. The external video motion viewers where protected with specialty cages which ensured that kids couldn’t hurl and heavy objects to dismantle the detectors nor effect the IR capabilities of the motion viewer. The system could be moved freely around the site according to the sequence of the project and at the end of the project it was moved onto the next council project. Scope also flooded the site with regular Security mobile patrols in order to send a strong message to regular offenders that the premises was under surveillance. Patrols were reduced over the weeks and allowed the Security system to continue monitoring. SPDS was able to allow renovations to continue ready for lock up stage without any additional security breaches from the time the above was implemented


The organisation Richmond Football Club FC was established in 1885 and has in excess of 60,000 financial members

The requirement: RFC has its own licensed function centre and hosts both formal and informal functions with an attendance that can range from 100 patrons to 500 patrons. In order to be compliant in particular when alcohol is sold and consumed on the premises RFC would engage a security company to supply crowd controllers. Over several years numerous companies were engaged to provide this service however most of them were constantly providing different staff members for the events, who were not familiar with the facility or our club processes and procedures. In addition some of the staff provided has difficulty understanding instructions and as a result were not able to carry them out or communicate effectively with the management or patrons.

The Solution: Scope Protective and Data Solutions (SPDS) through a risk assessment and working closely with the RFC Functions management team and after a close examination of the type of events held and type of patrons attending these functions were able to make some recommendations on the number and type of security officers that would be required that would complement our way of operation. SPDS from the first engagement were able to consistently provide the same security officers who were well groomed, well spoken excellent communication skills with a high focus on customer service. In addition every function or event had a senior security supervisor or manager present to coordinate all security procedures.


The organisation Confidential

The requirement: Melbourne business situated in Melbourne CBD High Rise Building, employs in excess of 200 employees, shares building with multiple tenants, received anonymous bomb threat which made them very concerned about the safety of staff, visitors and other tenants in the building. Police were informed of the threat and consultation took place with senior Police Officers. as a result of these negotiations the client was informed that although the Police would be vigilante in this matter they were not able to assign the necessary man power required to secure the building and reduce the level of Risk. it was suggested that a Private Security Company experienced in high level security be consulted.

Solution: Scope Protective and Data Solutions (SPDS) were called in for consultation. After consultation a risk assessment of the building was carried out. SPDS were able to immediately implement a security management plan that would significantly reduce the risk of any person entering the building and carrying out the threat. SPDS were able to immediately implement a total lock down of the building restricting access to all staff and visitors for a two week period whilst providing a high security presence at all times, without any interruption to the companies normal day to day operations. This operation gave all staff and visitors a higher sense of security, to a point that all staff members felt it was safe enough to attend work every day without fear.


The organisation Confidential

The Requirement: Family of 90 year old woman recently widowed residing in a prominent Melbourne suburb. Children had concerns for their elderly mother residing on her home in a large home without any form security in place. Concerns ranged from Robbery, Assault, theft and health issues. Other issues of concern were poor eyesight limited mobility to be able to use keypads or remotes to operate security devices.

Solution: Scope Protective and Data Solutions (SPDS) were contacted to try and address some of these issues and the recommendations were to firstly interview the clients in order to try and obtain an indication on what devices may be suitable for her and further to try and establish what devices she would feel comfortable using given her limited mobility and poor eyesight,. SPDS were able to recommend and install a video verification security alarm system which would be able to address all of our concerns and more, including the ability for our mother to arm and disarm the system by using a swipe card and easily with the push of a single digit on a key pad located on the wall she can request immediate Police, Fire or Ambulance attendance and have 24/7 security. at all times.

case studies

New security system for our new office

We just moved to a brand new office in Melbourne and needed to control the access to and from the premises. Scope constructed a solution to suit our needs perfectly. Their Access Control System allows us to control not only who has access to our premises, but what times and days access is allowed. They tailored a solution to suit both our office and our budget; providing advice and access control solutions that range from our parking structure to secure keypad access for remote stand - alone, security doors. Read on


  • “Valeo Construction have built a strong relationship with Scope Protective and Data Solutions over the years. They have been responsible for all our security needs across all facets our business; from our multiple construction sites to our Head Office. They have routinely provided clear advice about all our security options, and have acted promptly whenever needed. Their responsive, and always helpful customer service is a testament to Tim and his staff’s hard work and loyalty to his customers. We would highly recommended SPDS for all protective services needs to any size business.”

    Tom Commercial Manager, Valeo Construction

  • "The site had experienced several security incidents and I worked with Vince and his team to address and mitigate current and future risks. Vince and his team carried out upgrades promptly and ensured that all identified risks where addressed. Over many years I have been able to reach Vince 24/7 ensuring that I can speak to someone with intimate knowledge of my site and not just some call center"

    Frank Supreme & Leader Caravans

  • "I’ve dealt with many different security companies in my years working in recreation facilities. Scope and Vince provided a level of service I’ve not seen before, not only in the day to day managing of facility security, but in the execution of some significant projects with tight deadlines. The level of confidence I gained in Scope within a very short time made these deadlines reachable and stress free. They took components of the project off my hands and explained everything in language I could understand. I’ve never worked with a more responsive security company and would recommend Scope to anyone"

    Cameron.G YMCA Victoria - Centre Manager

  • "Vince was able to organize a quick CCTV change over / upgrade of our manufacturing business. The final product of the cameras surpassed our expectations. So much that I ended up entrusting him to complete a IP CCTV upgrade to my personal home. Vince also made the transition of alarm monitoring effortless ensuring zero downtime to my business and ensured he captured all the required information"

    Karl.P Supreme Caravans

  • "Vince and his team provide skilled security officers during the summer months to assist in monitoring patron behavior. I have found the team to be skilled in customer service and able to communicate well with the public. Vince and his team has also completed CCTV upgrades to the facility and I have always found there workmanship to be of a high standard and I am always able to reach Vince 24/7 ensuring that I can speak to someone with intimate knowledge of my site and not just some call center"

    Paul.M YMCA Victoria - Centre Manager

  • "I have been dealing with Vince Pepi and Scope Security for a period of 5 years. Scope provide the Richmond Football Club with professional services that include but are not exclusive to, Match day security, Access Control/CCTV maintenance and installation, Security monitoring and Event management. I am proud to say that we have an excellent relationship with Vince and Scope and find their services to be of the highest quality when it comes to subject knowledge, availability and expertise. Vince has been able to provide us with a consistent and reliable work force that has the specific and unique skill sets required to provide excellent service to us in the extremely dynamic and challenging field of professional sport. I have no hesitation in recommending Scope to any interested party or organisation"

    Steve. W Richmond Football Club - Safety and Services Manager

  • "Tim and his team completed our security system upgrade at our new HQ office fitout. Their attention to detail was fantastic going as far as pre spraying fittings in black to ensure it fit in with the office fitout. When we need assistance the turnover is always prompt and his staff are great to deal with"

    Melissa.M Core Projects - Office Manager

  • “Over the years we have developed a fantastic working relationship with Scope. Accommodating, professional and responsive are three words I’d use to describe them. Scope have assisted us with several complex solutions across our recycling plant located in Epping, Victoria. Each and every time they have demonstrated a high level of integrity and transparency and always go above and beyond to deliver great service. Tim has been so easy to deal with and my entire team enjoys working with Scope. If you are looking for personalised service and high-quality security solutions, I highly recommend Tim and the team at Scope.”

    George.H RepurposeIT - CEO

  • "During the 5 years we’ve been with them, Vince and Scope Security has worked with our family to create a really good alarm system. They’ve just installed an alarm system at another premises and we are very happy with both. It’s great to know Scope has our backs, and are willing to assist us at any hour of the day or night"

    Susan.G Resident - Toorak

  • "Scope Security have delivered an excellent CCTV system in a timely and cost effective manner. We normally use another security system provider but decided to use Scope on this job and will now look at Scope for all of our needs going forward. The staff were easy to deal with and the cost was so much better than our incumbent. The after install follow up has been exemplarily. Well done to the team"

    Nazzareno.M ROSSHOUSE - Facility Manager

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